The Devil Street Decks Family




In 2018, Devil Street Decks was proud to kick off another new collaboration with a great friend -and incredible artist- Red, of Red Ink Tattoo Studio (315 West 54th Street, New York, NY). Though Red has been working as a tattoo artist for over twelve years, his two board designs for Devil Street, 'All Seeing Eye' and 'Death and Rebirth' were testament to both his incredible creativity and versatility,red3.jpg and we're excited to be rolling out future designs in partnership with him during 2019.

As much as Red has been a great supporter of Devil Street, we're also huge supporters of his Red Ink Tattoo Studio here in Hell's Kitchen, New York. We encourage those in the skate community and beyond to pay a visit to meet Red, his team of artists, and to collaborate in bringing your vision for a tattoo to life -expressing those ideas into creating a piece of art that will last a lifetime.

Beyond art, the Red Ink Tattoo Studio is also available as a venue to host events such as art previews, comedy shows, music gigs and more.

To learn more, drop the team a line by phone on +1 212 600 0993, via email or visit Red Ink on Instagram @redinktattoostudio76 and head to